May 22, 2022

Buy Here Pay Here Explained

It's not easy going through financial hardship, and trying to get out from underneath it can sometimes feel like a battle. It is especially frustrating when you can't find anyone willing to work with you to rebuild your credit. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and people willing to support you through that process. If this situation sounds like your own and you're looking to purchase a vehicle, consider Brenner Car Credit, a buy here pay here dealership.

What is Buy Here Pay Here

Buy here, pay here dealerships are an ideal solution for those with credit challenges. These dealerships, like Brenner Car Credit, sell and finance cars on their lot, which means they specialize in working with bad or no credit situations. Due to this, individuals can obtain financing to purchase a car where they wouldn't be able to elsewhere. It also makes the process straightforward and concise; you can potentially leave the dealership with a vehicle on the same day.


Benefits to Buy Here Pay Here

All Credit Situations Welcome

Buy here, pay here dealerships offer an opportunity for those with credit obstacles to obtaining a car. At Brenner Car Credit, we feature a selection of like-new vehicles. One of which is sure to suit your needs. It's our goal to provide the loans necessary so you can make your purchase.

Improve Your Credit

After enduring credit struggles, it's important to begin reestablishing and building a positive credit history. Buy here, pay here dealerships can help with that, especially once you start making consistent, on-time payments. Brenner Car Credit is committed to supporting you throughout that ongoing process through payment reminders and low weekly payments, as well as a low down payment.

Used Vehicles With Financing Available Near Mifflintown and Selinsgrove!

Offering loans that aren't based on your credit score, Brenner Car Credit has a wide inventory of used models. Whether you're looking for a sedan, truck, hatchback, or SUV, we have it all and more. Either browse our selection online or come into one of our locations to start the financing process. We're here to support you every step of the way and can't wait to discuss your options with you.


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